Fedora - time to blink

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 26 21:02:03 UTC 2011

> >> As well, KDE's track record on this is not exactly
> stellar.  KDE4 was
> >> basically unusable up until 4.3 or so.
> > 
> > I'd dispute that. I've used KDE 4 since it came out
> and never had major
> > problems with it (other than completely missing the
> point of the whole
> > Activities stuff, easily solved by ignoring it). The
> chest-beating about
> > the supposed disaster that was KDE 4 always seemed to
> me somewhat over
> > the top, but YMMV.
> Are you kidding? You'd have thought Fedora was eating
> people's babies -
> without salt - the way this list blew up when KDE4 came out
> in Fedora.
> We're just seeing the same shit today. It'd be funny if it
> weren't so
> pathetic.
> This *is* the bleeding edge. Sometimes it's dangerously
> sharp, but it
> always produces better and better code. Sometimes getting
> to the good
> stuff takes wading through some bad, it's just the way of
> the world.
> This whole series of threads is just freaking ludicrous.
> "Those who
> cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" -
> George Santayana.
> For those of us who've been around a while, this is like
> fingernails on
> a chalkboard that we have to listen to it every couple of
> years.
> <throws up hands>
> -- 


Some folks saw this coming!  Turns out that now other desktops are following suit to TabletLand, even windows 8 :(  The traditional desktop is apparently dying :(  We ***guninea pigs*** got to test that out(kde 4 series in Fedora 9), gnome 3 series as well :)  It has sharp edges, but it will get there.  The Mint Folks have nice looking themes that maybe can be brought into Fedora for nice incorporation for those users that liked Gnome 2.X  :)  



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