what's the state of qemu-system-ppc virtualization in fedora 16?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Sat Nov 26 22:58:40 UTC 2011

  what little i know of PPC virtualization suggests that
qemu-system-ppc is still a work in progress, at least on ubuntu which
is what's running on one of my systems.  so i'd like to switch back to
fedora for what will be an extended adventure in virtualization.

  as a specific example, i have a lite5200 (MPC5200) board and i can
easily configure a kernel:

  $ make ARCH=powerpc lite5200b_defconfig

build that kernel, download that using the board's u-boot and boot
that kernel, at least to the point where it falls over from lack of a
root filesystem.  (for now, i just want to verify that the kernel
boots -- i'll worry about the root filesystem later.)

  for fun, i'd like to run that kernel under qemu as well, but i
already know there will be problems.  on the one hand, people suggest
that MCP5200 qemu support is pretty good:


on the other hand, i also had to download a debian package for
openbios-ppc just to attempt to run that kernel using qemu-system-ppc
under ubuntu, and that still didn't work (missing firmware).

  so, if i install fedora 16 and i have my u-boot ready kernel image,
what are the chances of using qemu-system-ppc to simply start that
kernel?  and where's the current state of kvm docs for fedora 16?



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