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Bob Goodwin bobgoodwin at wildblue.net
Sun Nov 27 02:03:55 UTC 2011

        On 26/11/11 20:00, T.C. Hollingsworth wrote:
>         On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 5:45 PM, Bob Goodwin<bobgoodwin at wildblue.net>  wrote:
>>         On 26/11/11 19:27, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
>>>         On Sat, 2011-11-26 at 19:09 -0500, Bob Goodwin wrote:
>>>>         Is there a Linux application that will display a .vcf file?
>>>         Depends what you mean by "display". Most of the mail clients can import
>>>         VCF files as contact records.
>>>         poc
>>                 I'm not sure myself, a text editor or Libreoffice will display
>>                 the raw data but apparently there is some format the data goes into.
>>                 My daughter has nothing but Apple equipment and has been on the
>>                 phone with them for hours this weekend trying to sort out some
>>                 problem, came around with the phone in her ear still talking and
>>                 asked if I could display those files. I have never seen anything
>>                 that convinces me the Mac is easy to use! Always problems and my
>>                 daughter is computer literate.
>>                 Google describes them as some sort of record cards that can be
>>                 displayed in OSX and Windows. I didn't find anything like that
>>                 for Linux. I certainly don't want the stuff in my Thunderbird app.
>>                 Just though there might be something I haven't found.
>         It's a little awkward, but you can install the "vobject" Python module
>         and use it to read it:
>         sudo yum install python-vobject
>         python -c 'import vobject; vobject.readOne(open("file.vcf")).prettyPrint()'
>         -T.C.

        I was able to display some of the data in a new Thunderbird
        account's address book. There are about 2000 "cards," about 21
        megs of data! The T-bird address book only displays some of the
        data, I guess just in columns it recognizes, Name and E-Mail
        addresses. At least it shows that the data is probably all there.

        The above routine almost works but only begins to show some
        gibberish from the beginning:

            [bobg at box9 ~]$ python -c 'import vobject;
                 UID: cfc17ee7-1f82-4cdc-8b5a-16a7aec4915e
                 X-ABUID: F0DB8EEF-5404-453B-B89A-CECE2841FB04:ABPerson
                 CATEGORIES: [u'ALL-Cards-Sep-2011', u'card']
                 NOTE: As of April- 2011
            ginette GREENE
            Matthew-Lucas GREENE
            Robert GOODWIN



                 VERSION: 3.0
                 PRODID: -//Apple Inc.//Address Book 6.1//EN
                 X-ABSHOWAS: COMPANY
                 ORG: [u'AAA']
                 FN: AAA

        I expected to see it list all 2000 records? I don't know how to
        deal with that but would be interested in seeing it.

        Thanks for considering this, I appreciate the responses.


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