Problem booting under F16

Joe Zeff joe at
Sun Nov 27 02:55:48 UTC 2011

Recently I upgraded my laptop to F16 using preupgrade.  This morning, at 
a convention, I did a system update that included (I thought) a new 
kernel.  The next time I booted, the system hung, with no output.  I had 
to power-cycle to try again, this time getting error messages: it 
couldn't find and there were a number of failures of 
systemd-remount-api-vfs.  I power-cycled again, and hit the space bar to 
enter the GRUB menu.  There was one F16 kernel, the upgrade, and the 
latest F14 kernel, which worked.

After several experiments, I found that is provided by 
glibc-devel, so I told yum to install it, which brought along some other 
things I'd thought I'd had.  Alas, it didn't fix the boot failure. 
Although this isn't my main box, I'd like to keep it working as well as 
I can, and would prefer to be using an F16 kernel if I'm running F16, as 
I appear to be.

Also, as a side note, I'd tried using the fedorautils and made the 
mistake of adding the color terminal, finding that I don't like it.  How 
do I reverse this?

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