question regarding f16 under various DEs

Paul Allen Newell pnewell at
Sun Nov 27 07:04:09 UTC 2011


Since fc5, I have always downloaded an iso of the full image of Fedora 
w/ Gnome. Given the emails on f15 and now f16, I am interested in 
looking at alternatives to Gnome. After much clicking through the Fedora 
site, it appears to me that only f16 w/ Gnome has a direct download DVD, 
all the others are spins which only offer Live or BitTorrent versions 
(this may be incorrect as I have no idea whether BitTorrent provides a 
full image DVD or just a Live).

The reason I ask is that I have never had any luck with Live images and 
prefer to install a new release of Fedora as a fresh install and not an 
update ... and really like having media that has the release on it and 
not a media that I still need to download more stuff to get the release.

Hopefully someone will politely tell me this is a dumb question and I 
just missed something obvious; otherwise, I will assume that I have to 
do kde, xfce, lxde, etc via Live.

Thanks in advance,

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