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Sun Nov 27 16:43:17 UTC 2011

On 11/27/2011 11:18 AM, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> On 11/27/2011 09:10 PM, Christopher A. Williams wrote:
>> Actually, I have to disagree with you on that. What works or not is
>> *partially* subjective, especially when it comes to user experience.
>> There are some things that just don't work, period.
> I don't think you will find any real consensus on what doesnt work in
> say GNOME 3.x.  Just using a few loud people in any list isn't useful.
> You will have to do a fairly extensive user interface research with
> samples from non technical users fully new to the user interface to
> conclude anything meaningful.  I don't expect anyone will step up to do
> that and hence what we will get is almost fully subjective.

 In the past some surveys were done - and some complained that the
sample was biased - whether by fedora users or users who subscribe to
the mailing lists - but the complainers were generally those who
disagreed with the outcome :-)

 Not scientific at all -  and whilst I have heard of a small number of
users on mailing lists etc who like the G3.2 tablet approach (hearsay) ...

  ... I can definitely speak to quite a few people who were gnome users
.. and all of them have abandoned it for  KDE or XFCE ... small sample
and not meaningful for sure ...

  One thing all the users I know have in common - they use their
computers for more than browsing/email. Some program (web dev or c/c++
developers, kernel coders), some use it for business, others for other
work). Some manage computers for others.

  From my experience, its more than 'a few loud people' as suggested
above. Many are very quiet in fact .. and just move on.

  The users on the fedora lists are definitely a subset of all users,
but I suspect they are nonetheless reasonably representative of the
majority either directly or because the manage computers for others.
Some use it as a heads up for RHEL as well ... whats coming down the
pike is useful for planning purposes.


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