Fedora - time to blink

suvayu ali fatkasuvayu+linux at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 00:09:49 UTC 2011

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 00:57, Marko Vojinovic <vvmarko at gmail.com> wrote:
> Or the default DE
> choice could "rotate" for each release --- XFCE for F17, LXDE for F18, KDE for
> F19, Gnome3 for F20, and over again, in turns. That way each DE would have
> equal amount of "visibility" among users, more bugs would get fixed, etc.

This is actually a very nice idea. And I believe it fits in with the
goals of Fedora, forwarding the progress of FOSS. After all Gnome is
not the only FOSS desktop, by far. Maybe you can suggest this on the
desktop list? (is that the appropriate list?)


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