system console redirection - all but boot messages redirected ttyS0?

Morgan Read mstuff at
Sat Nov 26 08:46:36 UTC 2011

On 24/11/11 18:27, Chris Adams wrote:
> Once upon a time, Morgan Read <mstuff at> said:
>> Thanks for getting back - I followed your instructions.  It seemed I
>> needed to swap console=ttyS0 and console=tty0 BUT opposite from what you
>> suggested.  That is, console=ttyS0 was last and by swapping it with
>> console=tty0 and making console=ttyS0 listed first I had rc script
>> (userspace) messages reported to ttyS0...  Strange?
>> Stranger still, when I did the above, I stopped getting a login prompt
>> on ttyS0.  So, swapping as I said above (opposite to your suggestion)
>> gave me rc script messages to ttyS0 and no login...
>> Do you have any ideas how to get the login prompt back?
> It is a bug in plymouth (which provides the graphical boot animations).
> You can add "rd_NO_PLYMOUTH" to your boot line (as long as you don't
> have encrypted filesystems) and the serial console should work as
> expected (with console=ttyS0 listed after console=tty0).
> I think it is fixed in newer plymouth, but I'm not sure.  I see the bug
> on RHEL 6 systems, and the fix has not been released there yet.

Ah, of course I should have searched bugzilla...
Is this the bug here:

Many thanks,

Morgan Read

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