speed of yum

Ranjan Maitra maitra at iastate.edu
Mon Nov 28 05:25:29 UTC 2011

> ----
> apt seems faster than yum but it seems that it is colored by the fact
> that a typical Fedora/RHEL/CentOS install will have a lot more packages
> installed than Debian/Ubuntu and it's perceptual, not that I have ever
> timed it. I do have a kitchen sink Ubuntu box at my work and it has a
> boatload of packages installed and it did seem to take some time to
> update.
> Then again, I tend to not use GUI updates and prefer using a virtual
> console where I can invoke the updates and switch to something else
> rather than watch the water come to a boil.

Is yum considered to be a GUI application? Anyway, an aspect of
yum which may be helpful to look at is that when used with presto, it
never tells you how much it is going to really download. What I mean is
that it says Total download size: 110 M (say), but that amount is not
accounting for presto which will reduce the haul to much less. I think
that it would be more helpful to have a(nother) note saying how much it
will download. What good is it to have a note after the event that says
that presto reduced the download to 6% or whatever. Makes it look like
department store receipts that nowadays suggest that you "saved" xx% on
a sale item....


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