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Matt Rose mattrose at
Mon Nov 28 16:35:39 UTC 2011

> Sorry POC for inserting here.....
> I just want to congratulate all the participants in this thread and
> resulting tangents.  You've manged to hit at least 3 most often
> recurring themes.

I realize nothing can be done about the meta "Guidelines" thrash, but you
know, some would say that if something keeps cropping up, over and over,
you might want to ... I don't know ... fix it!  Or at least acknowledge
that these are problems, and come up with a plan to deal with them,
whether it be political (licensing, patent-coverage, etc), or technical (
issues with gnome3, issues with fonts, issues with multimedia, etc).

The reason people bring up Ubuntu, and Linux Mint is that these
distributions show that Linux Desktop usability is possible.  They've come
up with ways to fix the problems.  All Fedora seems to come up with is


> <sarcasm>
> A.   GNOME 3 is the most hated desktop since the introduction of KDE 4.
> B.   Licensing in Fedora.  Or: Why can't Fedora be more like Ubuntu?
> C.   Mailing list guidelines.  Or: Guidelines, they're for other people.
> </sarcasm>
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