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Mon Nov 28 21:25:45 UTC 2011

On 11/29/2011 12:35 AM, Matt Rose wrote:
>> Sorry POC for inserting here.....
>> I just want to congratulate all the participants in this thread and
>> resulting tangents.  You've manged to hit at least 3 most often
>> recurring themes.
> I realize nothing can be done about the meta "Guidelines" thrash, but you
> know, some would say that if something keeps cropping up, over and over,
> you might want to ... I don't know ... fix it!  Or at least acknowledge
> that these are problems, and come up with a plan to deal with them,
> whether it be political (licensing, patent-coverage, etc), or technical (
> issues with gnome3, issues with fonts, issues with multimedia, etc).


Ah, yes.....

D.  Everybody knows X, Y, or Z is *Completely* and *Utterly" broken and 
we keep bringing it up on this mailing list...but *nobody* does 
*anything*.  Or: Why I can't be bothered with filing bugzillas or 
joining/forming a team to "improve" the situation.


> The reason people bring up Ubuntu, and Linux Mint is that these
> distributions show that Linux Desktop usability is possible.  They've come
> up with ways to fix the problems.  All Fedora seems to come up with is
> excuses.

FYI, there is an "E" in there....but it may result in pulling me into 
the endless food fight that I feel is counterproductive at this point.

> Matt
>> <sarcasm>
>> A.   GNOME 3 is the most hated desktop since the introduction of KDE 4.
>> B.   Licensing in Fedora.  Or: Why can't Fedora be more like Ubuntu?
>> C.   Mailing list guidelines.  Or: Guidelines, they're for other people.
>> </sarcasm>
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