Fedora - time to blink

Hugh Caley hcaley at rocketsoftware.com
Mon Nov 28 21:33:17 UTC 2011

> RHEL/CentOS/SL are good for "install-and-forget" operation; they are not good
> for "stay-current-and-reasonably-stable" operation mainly due to too old
> kernel, but also for some users due to too old apps.
I think you have this bass-ackwards.  Install and forget would seem to 
include reasonably stable, as bug fixes will be created for the version 
for some time.

"stay-current" will be difficult in any case, as no distribution that I 
know of keeps all the apps current, they generally use the more-or-less 
current versions at time of release and patch them, rather than 
upgrading.  If that's what you want, you will probably need to build and 
install your own packages.  Constant upgrading seems to be the norm for 
those who want the latest and greatest.


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