Anyone got three monitors working?

DJ Delorie dj at
Tue Nov 29 02:07:53 UTC 2011

Thomas Cameron <thomas.cameron at> writes:
> I'd *really* love to do triple head - the monitor in front of me for my
> main work, and the two side screens for supporting stuff.

I have four monitors with Fedora.  There are two options...

1. Use 2 or more standard nvidia cards (or any card, really) and use
   Xinerama to combine them into a single "screen".  This slows down
   some applications (most are OK) but the result "just works", despite
   years-old claims that Xinerama is "deprecated".  I'm using two 9800GT
   cards, for example.

2. Buy a card that supports more than two monitors.  Matrox makes a
   range of these, but beware - they have their own drivers and they're
   not as responsive as, say, nvidia.  I'm still trying to get the
   latest one working sufficently.  When I used the M9148 card with F12,
   it was *wonderful*.

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