Gnome and Xfce don't play well together

Aaron Konstam akonstam at
Tue Nov 29 15:49:19 UTC 2011

This happened in F15 and I thought I was just ignorant.
Now that it has happened again in F16 I realize it is a software
When Gnome is configured for a user and then the user tries to use Xfce
they find that the Xfce is corrupted in various ways. Namely:
1. when Firefox is run the top menu choices can not be used. You click
on Edit for example and you see the Edit menu, When you move the cursor
down the menu and the menu disappears.
2. Gnome display image bleeds into Xfce.
3. Evolution after awhile has the same problem as Firefox.
4. Running the Software Update program causes the update window to be so
large that you can't see the options like "Install" at the bottom of the
5. You can't set up multiple workspaces.
etc., etc and so forth.

In F15 the corruptions were slightly different. Foe example the menu you
got when you clicked on the Desktop was the Gnome menu not the Xfce
Other strange things happened like you get a view of the home directory
immediately when you log in to Xfce,

It would be interesting to hear whether others have seen similar
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