Printing at 600 dpi makes everything twice as big

Jonathan Ryshpan jonrysh at
Wed Nov 30 06:13:54 UTC 2011

When I print a page with Image Quality -> Resolution at 300 dpi
everything works fine, but when I print at Image Quality -> Resolution
at 600 dpi everything prints twice as large as it ought to with
resolution (I believe) at 300 dpi.  The page that's printed shows only
the upper left quarter of the image that should be printed.  I've had
this problem in the past (Fedora-15), but only with the Gimp and
Gutenprint; now it happens all the time.

System Info:

        4 CPU x86_64 hardware
        Fedora-16 with all updates installed
        KDE 4.7.3
        Brother HL1440 Printer
        Default printer resolution is 300 dpi

Any suggestions?
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