F16: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and MTP

James Hogarth james.hogarth at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 13:59:54 UTC 2011

> Not sure it'll help, but in the case of you my Galaxy S2 smartphone, I
> simply switched the phone to mass-storage mode.
> (Settings->Applications->Development->USB debugging)
> Once enabled, you can simply access the file-system on your device
> like any other USB mass-storage device. (Disk-on-key, HDD, etc)

It is a problem we'll have to face soon however - even if the current
Galaxy Tab can be switch to mass storage...

The Galaxy Nexus (and thus reference for the next generation of
android phones/tablets) does not have a USB mass storage mode since it
does not have an SD card to unmount to present to the system. Rather
MTP is being used so that both the phone and the connected system can
have simultaneous access to the internal filesystem.

Right now we cannot say if future Samsung/Motorola/HTC/etc phones
based on ICS and the GN reference will follow a similar pattern or

The FUSE based mtpfs can be found here but with the caveat that it
doesn't appear to have progress very far... and was just the first
google result for it - not sure if there is a competing effort:

Relevant stuff about this situation can be found here:


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