Help with "sudo yum update"

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Wed Nov 30 21:27:54 UTC 2011

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>Hi everybody,
>I've never seen an error like this.  Anybody helps?
>[Lucelio at MAQ02 ~]$ uname -r
>[Lucelio at MAQ02 ~]$ sudo yum update
>Plugins carregados: refresh-packagekit
>Configurando o processo de atualização
>Resolvendo dependências
>- --> Executando verificação da transação
>- ---> Package gtk2.i686 0:2.24.7-3.fc16 will be atualizado
>- ---> Package gtk2.i686 0:2.24.8-2.fc16 will be an update
>- ---> Package preupgrade.noarch 0:1.1.9-1.fc16 will be atualizado
>- ---> Package preupgrade.noarch 0:1.1.10-1.fc16 will be an update
>- --> Resolução de dependências finalizada
>Error: Protected multilib versions: gtk2-2.24.8-2.fc16.i686 !=
>[Lucelio at MAQ02 ~]$
>So I can't update the system.
>Thanks in advance.
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A partial workaround is
sudo yum --skip-broken update

You will still not get the update for gtk2 but at least the others will work.


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