Tablet Acer Iconia W500, anyone?

fernando at fernando at
Wed Nov 30 22:10:43 UTC 2011


>> My question is, on the tablet side, anyone has tried Fedora on the
>> Iconia, and found it nice to use with touch-screen only?
>Hi, I'm planning to buy Iconia W500 too
>since it use the AMD Fusion CPU, it can run both fedora AMD64 and x86,
>but the question is, is it possible to boot the device from another
>drive like USB CDROM, or Flash Disk?
>the specification of the device didn't say anything about the BIOS used
>in the device

This blog and its sequels have detailed instructions on installing F15 on the tablet:

But it does not answer my question, about the tablet as a real tablet (under Fedora), not as a netbook.

I can't believe there's no one on this list who tried Gnome Shell 3 on any touch-enabled PC or x86 tablet. :-(

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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