I find FireFox is Fedora's biggest security flaw..

g geleem at bellsouth.net
Sat Oct 1 14:41:07 UTC 2011

On 10/01/2011 04:53 AM, Linda McLeod wrote:
> I find FireFox is Fedora's biggest security flaw..  FF is way too easy
> to hack and crack by demon-bullies to get into to mess-up the browser...

considering the cost of mozilla software and that it is your choice to]
install them, and fact that mozilla seems to be announcing flaws before
they are exploited, it may well be your fault in not updating when alert
notices are released.

> Please tell: What be the most secure browser for Linux Fedora?..  Is
> there such a thing as a "secure browser"..?

instead of a secure browser, why not have a secure system? like SELinux?

> Have you got any ideas when Mozilla might make FF reasonably secure..?

i have always considered firefox to be reasonably secure. as reasonably
secure as anything else in linux.

if you think firefox or linux are not secure, install vista or win7 and wait
for ms to get around to building a service pack to correct security flaws.

> How do I get you and/or Mozilla to link to my PC to tap into my OS to
> catch a glimpse of the damage and entries the kooks do to FF in my
> Fedora-14 OS hd..?

if you do not know how, then i can only surmise that you do not know how
to make you system secure and any problems you are having are mainly your
fault for not knowing what to do.

i can not speak for all the others using mozilla software, but, for myself,
and those i do know that use linux and mozilla, we do not have any problems.

so, give these consideration before you try 'passing the buck';

  man selinux  or  info selinux

these links;


if that is not enough for you, try;


so remember this, first line of security is up to the system administrator.


peace out.



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