Unable to connect to the Internet through wireless

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Sat Oct 1 17:26:56 UTC 2011

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I quick usage of one of my favorite search engines with both key words "broadcom4312" and "fedora" showed up easily the following link that describes a way with only 3 steps to get it to work for Fedora 11. Since the howto was written for F11, I don't know if it is still the way for newer Fedoras.

Step #1
[root at fedora ~]$ yum install broadcom-wl  wl-kmod

Step #2

Step #3
[root at fedora ~]$ system-config-network

And add a new wireless device wlan0 or whatever you want by filling the required fields properly. If you want the device to be managed by NetworkManager, you can do so while editing the device you just added.
Activate the device. And you are on wifi 
Stolen from

Maybe you need to load a closed-source / ugly firmware? Did you try to ping your router or another PC in your local network? To see if it is a problem of your network or the connection to the internet via your ISP.

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