If "DBAN" was one of the Fedora install-disk options...

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On 10/01/2011 07:25 AM, Bruno Wolff III wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 21:04:13 -0700,
>   Linda McLeod <lindavaldeen at fastmail.fm> wrote:
>> My IP and OS are a vandalism target of mindless childish hellbound kooks
>> hellbent on causing me grief to appease their delusions that I'm in any
>> ways like them, and that I might somehow want to help them solve their
>> useless bullyish lives..  is why I find it best to "DBAN" compromised
>> OS's, to make hd's totally clean for new installs...
I think having a DBAN CD is a better idea. Otherwise it would be too
easy for an inexperienced user to wipe their disk by mistake.

> DBAN is used when you are going to lose control of the media (because you are
> selling it or throwing it out) to prevent people from recovering your data.
> It isn't needed to prevent you from accidentally running code looking at
> data left behind after a compromise. A reinstall (including rewriting the
> MBR and repartitioning) is good enough.
> Also related to this is that hdparm will let you use the secure erase
> feature of disk drives that support that feature.

You may not be able to do this if the drive is in the computer when
you boot. It is a "feature" of the BIOS that disables this option at

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