Fun and games with 3TB hard drives.

Daniel B. Thurman dant at
Sat Oct 1 23:32:32 UTC 2011

Searching google, here is what Dell has to say:

I need a drive that I can partition at least to
15 partitions as I use many different OSes
(windows, mac, linux) and it appears to me
that I cannot use the MSDOS partition tables
for drives larger than 2GB.  Currently, I have
been using 2x2GB Hitachi DeskStar drives and
they work wonderfully with MSDOS partitions.

So, It looks to me, I will have to return the 3GB
drive back to the store and get a 2GB drive so
that I can have 15 partitions, of mixed OS for
multiboot operations.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, as I
did not do my homework before I bought a
3TB drive... drat! ;)

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