Fun and games with 3TB hard drives.

Craig White craigwhite at
Sun Oct 2 03:42:48 UTC 2011

On Sat, 2011-10-01 at 21:21 -0400, David wrote:

> But I live in the real world. More people use Mac computers and software 
> than use Linux and I only actually know one person that uses a Mac. And 
> it is a new one and he runs Windows on it. And, unfortunately perhaps, 
> Linux is still not really ready for that world. The real one.
The real world? The way you speak reminds me of elephants at a very
early age are tied with heavy ropes or chains that they can't break from
and as they get older, the ropes are very thin and the elephants just
gave up trying to break free so they never do.

The real world is compromised of improvised networks, some meticulously
managed and some deliberately unmanaged and most in the middle
somewhere. My employer provides everyone with an iMac or PowerBook and
few shared resources, a USB hard disk for TM backups and I sort of hate
it but that's because my primary environment is managing 50+ Linux

The days of proprietary / OS specific applications that need to be
installed and maintained on everyone's desktop system are pretty much
numbered in favor of web driven or SAAS but will make the OS somewhat
meaningless anyway. That's the real world.


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