Fun and games with 3TB hard drives.

John Aldrich jmaldrich at
Sun Oct 2 04:26:11 UTC 2011

On Sat October 1 2011, David wrote:
> The company that I work for has it's own server and the software that I
> use every day, provided by them, runs on Windows. None of it has a Linux
> clone and I seriously doubt that any of it ever will. And none of it
> will run on WINE (why would anyone actually try to do that?) or in any
> emulator (again why even try?) so I use what works.
Just to jump into the middle of this here... I'm the IT manager for a small 
carpet manufacturer in Georgia (USA.) We run our production from order 
entry to shipping the carpet out the door off some software that runs on the 
AS/400. I got tired of having to deal with machines running Windows 98 as 
"smart" terminals so I got some higher-end "clunker" machines (P3/P4) and 
installed Linux on 'em. 
I tried to get the official AS/400 IBM client for Linux to work. Couldn't do 
it. Wouldn't work -- too many dependencies. I tried the Linux version of a 
freeware Terminal Emulator. It, too, had too many dependencies. So, I 
installed the Windows version of the SAME Terminal Emulation software that 
I'd tried to install previously using Wine and it installed and ran 
All that to say that you might be surprised at what will run in Wine under 
Linux! :D

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