Cannot boot properly: dbus problems?

Joe Zeff joe at
Mon Oct 3 06:14:10 UTC 2011

On 10/02/2011 08:58 PM, Nick Urbanik wrote:
> Thanks for your insights into the good use of my valuable time.

I spent about 8 years or so doing telephone tech support.  One thing I 
learned is that trying things at random isn't as effective as taking a 
moment to look at the symptoms, deciding what could be causing it and, 
almost as important, what couldn't cause it.  In your case, there were 
no SELinux alerts and no boot messages about corrupt file systems, so I 
saw no reason for you to disable SELinux or use fsck, which is why I 
suggested that you'd be better off looking someplace else.  If you don't 
want me to make any further suggestions, just say so and I'll be glad to 
have Thunderbird delete your messages unread to make sure I don't.

A word to the wise: a sarcastic response will be read by me as a request 
to ignore you in the future.

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