Blank SELinux alerts

Joe Zeff joe at
Mon Oct 3 19:22:02 UTC 2011

For the last six years, I've been running BOINC on my computer and 
participating in various WCG projects starting with Folding at Home as well 
as Einstein at Home.  Recently, a badly-written project started spewing 
SELinux alerts because it was trying to walk various directories in 
/proc where it has no business being.  (BOINC runs in permissive mode; I 
get the alerts, but the actions are allowed.)  The only way to stop this 
was to abort the unit and, eventually, unselect the project completely.

Just before I did that, I accidentally opened the troubleshooter twice. 
  Before I could deal with the first instance, it closed and a second 
window opened, blank.  Since then, I've been getting several alerts a 
day, but whenever I click on the icon, there are no alerts showing. 
I've reported this to, but so far, no response.  Does 
anybody here know what file/files sealert is looking at that might be 

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