FC15 Upgrade Gnome Issue Dell Inspiron

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Tue Oct 4 03:08:27 UTC 2011

On 10/03/2011 06:09 PM, Tod Thomas wrote:
> I burned the DVD version of the distro so I could update an old dell 
> Inspiron 600M laptop from FC13.  It seemed to go well until I rebooted 
> then a message flashed by saying something about Gnome3 and 
> comparability with older displays.  I get a Gnome desktop but its not 
> working quite right.  

   Gnome and hence Fedora 15 have eliminated Gnome-2. You must now
choose one of the alternate shells.

   KDE -	 modern, configurable, generally works well.

   LXDE / XFCE - lightweight similar to gnome 2 / configurable

   Gnome Shell - a tablet/phone like window system - won't run without
decent 3D support - if 3D graphics not available it drops down to
simpler interface. For some reason its the default DE on F15 even if not
on a tablet PC.

  Choose one - go with whatever suits your taste - Gnome 2 has been
retired so its no longer an option.

  Have fun!

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