unneeded dependencies on NetworkManager-gtk/glib?

Ranjan Maitra maitra at iastate.edu
Wed Oct 5 13:52:34 UTC 2011

On Wed, 5 Oct 2011 08:44:44 -0500 Rex Dieter <rdieter at math.unl.edu>

> Ranjan Maitra wrote:
> > This morning, I have been trying out wicd/wicd-gtk in place of
> > NetworkManager. This works pretty well so far. So, I was trying to
> > erase NetworkManager-gtk and this is what I get:
> It's a runtime library, required by certain applications to... detect 
> network status (obviously, only functional if actually using NetworkManager, 
> mind you).  In short, leave 'em alone.

Thanks very much! It appears that geoclue is what requires libnm
(inexplicably in my thinking) and the others are all in a
cascading effect wrt geoclue.

On the other hand, I was wondering: is there a benefit to using
NetworkManager over wicd? Just curious, because both seem to have the
same functionality: I like that wicd provides me with more scanning
information. But does this additional information come at a price? Both
are from the fedora repos. 

Many thanks and best wishes,

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