anaconda: --rootPath obsolete. Any workaround?

Daniel J Walsh dwalsh at
Thu Oct 6 13:34:49 UTC 2011

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On 10/05/2011 11:42 PM, Kernel Guardian wrote:
> For a long time I use diskless installations of Fedora/RHEL/CentOS 
> with readonly root. Recently, with changes in anaconda, --rootPath
> is no longer supported. I have to many different types of
> installations and initial configuration. Until now i was using
> kickstart files for every type of installation. Installation dozens
> of installations and copying on NFS server is worst case scenario.
> During copying i do not find useful way to keep SELinux contexts. 
> So far i was run anaconda from command line with --rootPath
> option, and any installation was have proper contexts. Disabling
> selinux on clients is almost unacceptable, but it is only
> solution. I'm open for any constructive suggestion. Anyhow i have
> more then 100 diskless clients in my environment. They choose on
> PXE boot which type and version of installed OS like to run. On net
> i couldn't find any solution. Is there any way I could preserve
> contexts when copying files? Or anaconda have undocumented option,
> which would be the best solution?
> Regards
SELinux won't work on NFS in this type of environment, since NFS does
not support extended attributes.  Maybe the standards bodies will add
it before i retire.  :^(
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