Problem with the gnome package updater

Frode fropeter at
Thu Oct 6 15:08:09 UTC 2011

Hi. I have got a problem that I hope someone could help me resolve:

The last few days I haven't been able to use gpk-update-viewer to 
install updates. When started it dispalys an error message in a dialog 
   Unable to get updates
   Could not process requests

Opening 'More Details' reveals:
   Unknown filter part: unknown

I've included the output from terminal running "gpk-update-viewer 
--debug" at the end of this report.

I _can_ update packages through 'yum update' without problems.

gnome-packagekit 3.0.0-5.fc15 (x86_64)

This happens everytime now, whether starting the program through gui or 
terminal. The problem started some days ago, but I don't have the exact 
time. I reinstalled the package through 'yum reinstall 
gnome-packagekit', but it didn't help.

Could this be some garbaged config files or caches? Is there a way to 
reset everything that I could try?

Output from terminal:

$ gpk-update-viewer --debug
(gpk-update-viewer:7549): GnomePackageKit-DEBUG: ConsoleKit session ID: 
(gpk-update-viewer:7549): GnomePackageKit-DEBUG: using native mode: 700x600

(gpk-update-viewer:7549): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: This application can not 
open files.
(gpk-update-viewer:7549): PackageKit-DEBUG: notify::backend-description
(gpk-update-viewer:7549): PackageKit-DEBUG: notify::version-major
(gpk-update-viewer:7549): PackageKit-DEBUG: notify::groups
(gpk-update-viewer:7549): PackageKit-DEBUG: notify::backend-author
(gpk-update-viewer:7549): PackageKit-DEBUG: notify::backend-name
(gpk-update-viewer:7549): PackageKit-DEBUG: notify::version-micro
(gpk-update-viewer:7549): PackageKit-DEBUG: notify::roles
(gpk-update-viewer:7549): PackageKit-DEBUG: notify::mime-types
(gpk-update-viewer:7549): PackageKit-DEBUG: notify::filters
(gpk-update-viewer:7549): PackageKit-DEBUG: notify::version-minor
(gpk-update-viewer:7549): PackageKit-DEBUG: notify::network-state
(gpk-update-viewer:7549): PackageKit-DEBUG: notify::distro-id
(gpk-update-viewer:7549): PackageKit-DEBUG: role now get-updates
(gpk-update-viewer:7549): GnomePackageKit-DEBUG: status finished

(gpk-update-viewer:7549): GnomePackageKit-WARNING **: Kunne ikke hente 
oppdateringer: Unknown filter part: unknown
(gpk-update-viewer:7549): PackageKit-DEBUG: notify::connected

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