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Thu Oct 6 20:09:54 UTC 2011


I read there are some vocal users of lightspark on the list, so here's a question: A web conferencing application like DimDim or BigBlueButton would work using lightspark instead of Flash?

I Have a problem with recent flash updates in that they "lock" the mic and no other app can get sound while Flash uses the mic. But I need to record audio from the webconference session, which is actually a class. This used to work with older flash plugin releases but isn't working anymore, and Adobe is not responsive to the but which is in their bugtrack for quite some time.

So far the workaround is to use two mics, one for flash and other for the recording app, but sometimes the recorded audio is not as good (mic in different position).

Would lightspark be a solution, allowing me to record exactly the same audio that flash gets from the same mic?

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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