Battery Status Errors

Ranjan Maitra maitra at
Fri Oct 7 13:09:27 UTC 2011


I noticed that no one responded to you yet. Welcome to Fedora! You
will find very helpful people here who will take their time to get you
started. Far more than any other distribution (I daresay).

To help people to help you with useful suggestions, it would perhaps be
useful if you told us what version of the distribution you are using.
Is it the base (Gnome)? The LXDE battery indicator is known to have a
problem for Fedora 15. (I use batti with that, and it works very well.)
Also, let us know the details of the machine architecture, etc.

On Thu, 6 Oct 2011 21:54:19 -0500 Keith Clark
<keithclark at> wrote:

> Hi everyone.  I'm new to Fedora and seem to be having an issue with my
> battery status on my laptop.  My laptop battery is still in fair shape
> and lasts about an hour and a half on other operating systems.
> I see by the battery icon when I'm plugged in that I'm 100% charged.
> When I unplug, my laptop immediately shows that I'm at a critical
> battery state and goes into hibernation.  I'm not sure why.
> Any ideas?
> Keith
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