Battery Status Errors

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Fri Oct 7 13:29:37 UTC 2011

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On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 4:54 AM, Keith Clark
<keithclark at> wrote:
> I see by the battery icon when I'm plugged in that I'm 100% charged.
> When I unplug, my laptop immediately shows that I'm at a critical
> battery state and goes into hibernation.  I'm not sure why.

Apart from what Ranjan said, the "action" based on battery status can
be different from one setup to another. Can you confirm your power
management setup doesn't set a high threshold for going to

To give you an (counter) example, usually the default is threshold for
hibernation is 20% I think. But my battery lasts over 7 hours, for me
20% means more than 1 hr. So I reduced it to 7% and now I get prompts
about 30 mins before my laptop is dead. In your case this could be set
to a much higher threshold by mistake.

Just a thought.


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