Java crashes in Mozilla Firefox

Per Anton Rønning pa-ronn at
Fri Oct 7 16:17:56 UTC 2011

Ian Malone wrote:
> No, it indicates a missing Java class and probably indicates your java
> setup is broken. Deepak suggestion of trying IcedTea is definitely
> worth trying, though I'm not sure how far developed it is in fedora 9.

I found IcedTea for Fedora 9, so I am about to try it out.

My browsing to find info about this problem has revealed that the same 
crash occurss under Fedora 13.

In my installation seems to be an executable file,
located several places, but especially under my java installation:
Others have pointed out that is the one to go with for
recent versions of Firefox.

If java is broken, what should I look for to get it right?


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