Upgrading to F16 Beta

JD jd1008 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 10:42:35 UTC 2011

On 10/07/2011 11:53 AM, Paul Allen Newell wrote:
> On 10/7/2011 11:25 AM, Joe Zeff wrote:
>> On 10/07/2011 02:17 AM, JD wrote:
>>> Thanx.
>>> A good point.
>>> I wish the upgrade process would
>>> actually prompt the user for performing
>>> such steps.
>> Even better would be for the upgrade process to offer to do this for the
>> user so that people wouldn't have to worry about getting it right.
> Part of me is wary of trying to automate this process as I trust people
> to get it right more than a generic script(s). Maybe tools to do parts
> of the task that can be safely isolated, but not the whole shebang.
> Given this thread, I intend to manually do it on my F14 before going to
> F16 so I can make sure I have everything right before upgrading. A bit
> more work? Probably. But worth it in my opinion
The gist of all this is that non-techies and newbs
have no knowledge of such things and this makes
Fedora (and perhaps all distros) rather difficult to
upgrade. A script to perform the upgrade would
be a great help to automate the process.
The suggestion that the script would/might get it
wrong, while you would/might get it right, is a
a mater of personal preference.
I vote for an upgrade script for all the steps
suggested on

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