Adobe 64-bit Flash crashing with proprietary AMD driver

Nick Urbanik nicku at
Mon Oct 10 12:33:45 UTC 2011

Dear Folks,

On 05/10/11 14:19 +0000, Andre Robatino wrote:
>Adobe now has full 64-bit Flash support, including a 64-bit
>repo. Just go to , select "YUM for
>Linux (YUM)", download and install
>adobe-release-x86_64-1.0-1.noarch.rpm, and install flash-plugin from
>the repo.

I have the 64 bit version working fine on my own F15 machine, using
the free software amd driver, while I cannot get it working on my wife
and son's iMac 27 inch machines, each running F15, using the
proprietary amd driver, since the free driver doesn't work on these
displays.  I have tried it with and without the wrapper, both the 32
and 64-bit versions, and have run mozilla-plugin-config -i
/usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/ when using the 64-bit
wrapper.  It worked fine till about a week and a half ago.

The strange thing is that about:plugins shows each configuration
apparently working fine in each combination, and a visit to has Adobe proclaiming that
the plugin is successfully installed: "You have version 11.0.152
installed".  But attempts to view Youtube videos cause the browser to
freeze.  This is a big use-case for my wife and son!

Is there an incompatibility between the proprietary amd driver and
version 11 flash?

Any suggestions on how to debug this?
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