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Tue Oct 11 14:51:38 UTC 2011

* Ian Malone <ibmalone at> [2011-10-03 17:32]:
> Hi,
> A long time ago (before iced tea and openjdk) I installed Sun Java on
> my Fedora system (I see the jpackage website still exists, though it's
> a bit quiet). And through subsequent upgrades I gradually ended up
> with alternatives (as in alternatives --config java) which variously
> pointed to gcj or, now, openjdk, this was the state of affairs until
> quite recently (I had an issue with Java under F10 that required java
> to work around until the underlying problem was found). Now this
> computer is on F15 and I've only just noticed the icedtea-web plugin
> wasn't showing up in firefox, it turned out I needed to change
> alternatives --config (incidentally, does
> alternatives have any way to list what alternatives it controls? I
> ended up looking through /etc/alternatives to find out).
> What I'd like to know is if there's any way to reliably clean up my
> alternatives system to only use the current version of openjdk (rather
> than chasing separate javac, javaw, libjavaplugin etc.)? I've tried
> googling a bit but haven't found anything useful.

The java plug-in has always been controlled by a separate alternative
than java/javac. AFAIK,[.x86_64], java and javac are
the only alternatives you need to manage. Those are the master
alternatives that control the remaining ones.


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