No, I don't want to maximize my window

Sam Varshavchik mrsam at
Tue Oct 11 22:15:59 UTC 2011

Dokuro writes:

> I like this behavior, is like having a dual head!.
> And I saw it first on Linux Mint 11, with Gnome 2...
> so the windows rant is just plain stupid
> It seems you do not move the windows with alt...

If you want this new UI behavior, that's fine, and I could even deal with it  
being the default desktop configuration, requiring me to turn it off  

But just forcibly enabling it, by default, and giving me no visible  
configuration setting to turn it off, anywhere, and forcing me to root  
around with gconf-editor – this is just rude.

Or, perhaps all the missing UI configuration settings: this one, focus  
autoraise, and others – perhaps there just wasn't enough time to add the UI  
for these settings, and Gnome 3 replaced Gnome 2 before it was fully cooked.

Whatever the case may be, I just hope that the “we know best, so here's the  
UI and you're going to like it, because we do, and you won't have any  
alternatives” meme will not survive.

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