Fedora15 focus issues.

Hardik Soni-Ennovate hardik.soni at ennovatetech.com
Thu Oct 13 04:35:56 UTC 2011

KDE resolves that problem but i dont want to use KDE i m a Gnome user, 
and i have to use Gnome compulsory,so is there any solution with Gnome theme. 
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On 10/12/2011 07:35 AM, Hardik Soni-Ennovate wrote: 
> Hi All, 
> I am using Fedora15 with the Gnome theme, 
> but the problem I am facing is that, 
> When ever i run my Installer which is built using the InstallJammer so 
> at the time of installation, 
> the first window of installer hides behind the Current Window, even if 
> my installation window hides behind the current window if i do 
> 1) Alt + space its working on my installation window not on current window. 
> 2) Alt + F4 it closes my installation window which was hides behind the 
> current window. 
> 3) If i switch to another work station and come back to the previous 
> work station then it will display the installation window on the top. 
> So, from that above observation i think that my window is on top but the 
> Gnome is not displaying it on the Top. 
> Is it a bug in Gnome for Fedora 15 or what ?? 
> Any one has any suggestion or idea. 
> Hardik 

Try another DE .. I'd suggest either KDE or XFCE ... see if that 
resolves your problem. 

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