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Thu Oct 13 16:59:32 UTC 2011

On 10/13/2011 12:10 PM, Marko Vojinovic wrote:
> On Thursday 13 October 2011 15:41:24 Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>> Fedora 17 name has already been voted upon. Fedora 18 codename
>> suggestions will be requested when Fedora 17 is about to be released
> I think it would be more appropriate to rename F16, rather than wait for a
> whole year to pay respects to the man. Since Ritche was a key inventor of both
> C and UNIX, I believe a case can be made to make an exception and rename the
> first upcoming release, which will be F16.
> Rahul, can you present the case to the relevant people, maybe open a vote on
> it so that everyone can formally state their opinion?
> My suggestion is the following:
> (1) Rename F16 to "Ritchie" (or "Dennis", whatever people like better),
> (2) Rename F17 to "Verne" (in order not to insult the great writer),
> (3) Rename F18 to "Beefy Miracle" (in order to keep the chain of "is a"
> naming).
> I think that is the least Fedora Community can do to pay respects to Dennis
> Ritchie. Opinions?
> Best, :-)
> Marko

F16 is more or less finished. To change it's name now would require 
updating RPMs which, though it would be effectively a trivial change, 
runs the risk on introducing bugs.

Fedora 17 is much, much earlier into it's life cycle. It could be more 
easily changed, from a technical perspective, but not likely from a 
political structure.

Having him honoured in the F18 release will still serve a core function; 
It will trigger discussion, and thus remembrance, of his legacy for the 
next year to come, at minimum. So for this reason, proposing F18's name 
in his honour will be fitting and appropriate, I would think.

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