Dennis Ritchie

Mike Wright mike.wright at
Thu Oct 13 19:13:54 UTC 2011

On 10/13/2011 12:02 PM, Don Quixote de la Mancha wrote:
> I'm pretty sure I still have mywafer-thin first-edition "The C
> Programming Language" by Kernighan and Ritchey that I bought from the
> Caltech bookstore in the Spring of 1983, for use in Computational
> Physics.

Hi kid ;D

The copy on my shelf is 1978.

My first intro to the Unix world was a Bell Labs blue book that 
described its conception and how it was written in B.  K & R came up 
with C, wrote a compiler for it in B, and used the whole shebang to 
recompile Unix from the world of B into the world of C.  Geniuses.

Nostalgia Lane is WOT but fun to visit.

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