double update : i686 & x86_64

Errol Mangwiro pmangwiro at
Fri Oct 14 05:22:25 UTC 2011

Yup. Wine does that that's why I'm now sticking with qemu-kvm & vbox for my virtualisation/emulation needs. I hate having 32-bit dependencies in my 64-bit installation. I'd rather do without that program (which explains the skype-less & adobe flashless, until now, machine). And the size of your installation/dependencies just balloons once you start down the 32/64-bit road.

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Subject: double update : i686 & x86_64

Andre Robatino <robatino <at>> writes:

> You could run "grep orc /var/log/yum.log" to see when
> it was installed and what else you installed around that time.

In my case, running "yum erase orc.i686" just to see what it wants to remove
shows that wine pulled it in.

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