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On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 6:13 AM, KC8LDO <kc8ldo at> wrote:
> Is there a way to use ssh to get through a firewall for remote access to a
> system? The situation I'm looking at is a Fedora system sitting behind a
> company firewall, which I have no control over, that I wish to gain access
> to by logging into it over the Internet from a remote computer. In other
> words the connection is initiated from outside of the firewalled company
> network.
> What I'm thinking is using ssh to forward a port, 3389, to another computer
> on my own private network (also behind a firewall and NAT router) at home
> acting as a middle man. Then from another computer, lets say at a hotel,
> logging in to the same computer on my private home network and have it pass
> traffic bidirectionaly between the two end point computers.
> Is this something than can be done using ssh and if so how? I would also
> like to have the remote Fedora system connection to the middle man computer
> remain even if the remote computer is not connected.

tcpproxyreflector does exactly what you want. Install it on the 3
computers and run it :

- as a server at home, to get connection from the the client and console
- as the client at work, to open and keep the the connection open with home
- as a console on your laptop at the hotel to activate a tunnel and
connect through SSH or directly on port  "3389" to another computer
inside the company.

Have fun

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