doc question on private network IP allocation

Paul Allen Newell pnewell at
Fri Oct 14 07:59:59 UTC 2011

Hello to all:

A long time ago when I first struggled and figured out how to set up a 
LAN network, I got some advice about how I should alloc the numbers. 1) 
start static address at *.*.*.10, 2) put WAPs at *.*.*.245, and 3) for a 
gateway of, assign your router that connects to the 3rd 
party (Verizon) to be

I have never really found documentation to support such, but my network 
behaves nicely so I don't argue.

I am helping my niece set up her network for her apartment / roommates 
and find that I don't want to give her the advice I was given as I can't 
prove its worth. Plus, she and the roommates are all living on wireless 
DCHP and I never dealt with that (translation is the one laptop I do 
have I just let it do its thing and turn a blind eye).

They are all Windows-centric so I am trying to find best practice 
regardless of opSys.

Can anyone point me to a website that gives good advice on how one 
should alloc one's local ip addresses? I googled and seem to only turn 
up differences in A, B, C networks or router to outside link info. Maybe 
there isn't any advice on such, in which case I want to know so I can 
tell her to "do her thing".

Thanks in advance,

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