Iphone failure to charge on FC14

Tony Foster tfLinuxMail at surewest.net
Fri Oct 14 17:42:25 UTC 2011

Just recently when I connect my Iphone to my linux box to charge 
I get a message on the Iphone 
"Charging is not supported with this accessory" 
I have connected both my Iphone and my wife's to various usb ports on
the off chance one of the port has a bad connector. 
I have connected thumb drives and a USB portable hard drive to the unit
and both work fine. So probably not the basic hardware. 
I have tried a cold boot on the Linux box. 
I connect the Iphones to my microsloth laptop and they work fine. 
I tried to reboot the Iphone and connecting it again and get the same
This looks like a bug in the USB power negotiation process when
attaching an Iphone. 

Anyone seen this before? 

Currently running FC14 with all latest revisions. 
kernal fc14x86_64
Gnome 2.32.0
Pentium dual core 5300 2.6 Ghz 
Intel mother board 

Tony Foster 

email = Tony_Foster at surewest.net

Remember Ignorance can be fixed 
Stupid is forever

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