Remote Access

Bill Perry wlperry at
Fri Oct 14 18:50:52 UTC 2011

Some time ago I was the on call admin for a critical system at a certain 
large company. I wanted to fix problems from home. I checked with three 
different guys in the computer security department before implementing 
anything. I wouldn't want to do someting that would get me fired or 
charged with a crime.

The computer security guys were somewhat arrogant, they basically said 
if you can figure out a way around our firewalls, go ahead, but we won't 
create a hole for you.

A couple of days later I had the remote access going and I showed them 
how it worked. They were amazed, but just shrugged and said "cool!, Can 
I have a copy of that script?"

Again - check around, don't do something that would get you in trouble. 
In this economic climate don't take a chance and lose your job!

These days, I'm working for a small company and I make the policies, so 
I'm ok.

office computer setup
create script on your office computer to check home website for special 
file (trigger file)
if not exists
     sleep 5 minutes
if exists
     ssh to home computer. ssh command uses options to open a reverse 
tunnel on a special port

home computer setup
copy the public key from the office computer to .ssh/authorized-keys

from home
create special file
start trying to access the special port. You can open multiple windows 
on that port. One window may have to run a "keep alive" program.


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