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On Fri, 2011-10-14 at 23:28 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
> All I know is this....  If I were Marko's employer and I read his
> views on circumventing or flouting the rules of a company I'd start to
> worry.

Yes.  I've had to deal with sabotaging people before, and you are best
rid of them, before something horrendous happens.  Whether it's
malicious or just plain stupid sabotage, one employees misdeeds can
bring down a company, destroying everyone's lives.  Or the desire to
smack them one for the trouble that they're causing gets you into

Just because you catch them out in one case, doesn't mean you've reined
them in.  It's highly likely that they're doing all sorts of things, or
will do, that you won't know about.

It's a poisonous environment to be forever on your guard against people
who're supposed to be on your side.  It's not worth the risk, or the

Been there, done it, several times over, and I have never seen anything
to persuade me that it's worth putting up with sabotaging people.  Let
your competition take the poisonous person, it can only help you.

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