cursor : weird disappearances

Beartooth beartooth at
Sat Oct 15 16:14:01 UTC 2011

	On at least two machines (my main PC, running F14 fully updated; 
and my old laptop, an IBM  Thinkpad T30 running F16 Beta on backup or 
shell or whatever it's called) I've started seeing a really weird 

	Every once in a while, completely unpredictably afaik, the cursor 
suddenly disappears. I have it set to display its position when I hit 
Ctrl; but it doesn't, until I wave the mouse around in huge sweeps. Once 
I start doing that (and continuing to tap Ctrl every few seconds) it 
eventually shows up somewhere at the outer edge of the screen. 

	I have an HP mouse at the PC (through a KVM switch), and a 
Logitech mouse on the laptop.

	What could be making it do that?? Is this a bug? A known bug?

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