Firefox does not work as expected

Peter Boy pboy at
Sat Oct 15 21:07:57 UTC 2011

Hi all, 

I'm wondering if I have a tricky misconfiguration of my firefox
installation here.

Example 1:


Below the rightmost image there is a gallery of alternative images. If I
click on one of them, the image does not change as supposed to do (just
the caption).

Example 2: 

The image of the item (left of the summary and item price) is never
shown,  just a rotating circle.

Example 3: Xinha web editor

In Firefox I only get empty squares in the symbol bar (for bold etc), no
icon is shown.

These are only 3 examples, there are a lot of others.

Epiphany, Arora, Galeon, Chrome, all work fine as well as firefox used
by colleagues of mine using Gentoo and Ubuntu. 

I don't think these are common problems with firefox and Fedora. So it
should be due to my configuration. But it's all standard, nothing any
specific done (to my best knowledge). 

Any ideas? 

Any hint greatly appreciated.


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