Any USB-connected parallel port devices in use?

Brian Mury brianmury at
Sat Oct 15 21:11:42 UTC 2011

On Thu, 2011-10-13 at 13:10 -0700, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
> My parallel-port printer is connected via a Belikin parallel-port-to-
> USB connector.  Worked fine in F14, completely broken in F15. Bugzilla 
> discussion (742398) places the blame on the driver (uss720) for those 
> converters, and there the problem sits.
> I'm curious if there's anyone out there that has a similar setup, and 
> what your experience might be.

Not a Belkin, and may not be the same chip or driver, but I'm using one
of these:
with my HP LaserJet 5MP. I plugged it in, turned the printer on, clicked
"Add Printer" in system-config-printer, and everything "just worked".

If you want to know what's in any of my config files or log files, let
me know what you want and I'll post it.


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